Few good reasons to work and live in the Middle East

It’s been nearly 20 years since I first set foot in the Middle East. Looking back, I can say that getting on that plane to start the two-year contract I first signed up for was one of the best decisions of my life.

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Increasing Job opportunities for Fashion Retail professionals in the Middle East

Skillbirds is a unique platform designed to connect the Job seekers in Sri Lanka and the Employers in the Middle East and following its recent survey that the Middle East has always been a lucrative part of the world for the fashion Retail and Hospitality industry.

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How to look for a job on a visit visa in Middle East?

When competing with hundred thousands of professionals in the same situation as you - what should you do? (Note, you will compete with Jobseekers on Visit Visa, Employment Visa & Residence Visa in the particular country)

Are you in Middle East on visit visa, looking for Jobs? Is your visa going to expire soon?

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Unleash your full potential!

There may be several instances where we look back and ponder what career suits us best? What talents we are born with? What work are we most passionate about? What’s most important is to question what set of skills do you have and how could you reach out with them to that term – success!

Reaching out to ones potential is the breaking factor of every successful story. – The people who succeed are the people who learn how to tap into the skills, use their talent and live and breathe their dreams.

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Going about Overseas Job Search

Fact: You won’t get a particular job, unless you apply for it.

So if your approach to job hunting resembles wishful thinking more than putting an effort into the process, you probably will be missing out on many opportunities.

That doesn’t mean you need to randomly send out dozens of copies of your CV. But still job hunting is a numbers game, especially if you’re not at the stage of being headhunted. The more CVs you send out to targeted employers, the more likely you will get a job offer that matches requirements.

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